You are in good hands with DigiStor

Things are changing so fast today that Digistor is gearing up and is set to release great new digital mobile devices throughout 2016. As trends are always about opportunities, Digistor’s trick up its sleeve is helping customers to understand the future „hot waves“ in the digital technology field; hence to develop services and communications that will help customers creating a lifestyle culture of mobile accessories globally. With the team’s cross-industry perspective, Digistor is predestined to do some sort of local „wave searching“; i.e. catching small waves and riding them to succes as they get bigger. „By visiting different companies daily, we see what is happening around us as a germ of idea“, says the Swiss Product Engineer Gerald Zhang. „By discovering trends happening all the times, we thoroughly monitor if they cater to consumer desires and share our opinion online with our customers“.

For Rever Liu, Managing Director, „trend scouting is not only spotting hot, groundbreaking technological products for early adopters, but securing that the latest digital accessories are improvements to existing models in a superior quality“. This philosophy is certainly the reason why the Digistor Team keeps winning in generating new partnerships and business relationships. The goal is not always being first on the market, but becoming a leader with a high reputation.

So believe us, your future is just ahead with Digistor. It is time to take a peak around the corner and to have a look at our WebSite. Don’t miss the latest collection of fast selling digital mobile gadgets in different styles, designs, colors, material and size.