Save your files and save the environment with our eco-friendly flash memories!

Dreams flourish effortlessly into the heavens, trees take decades to do the same

It is therefore important to maintain trees for the long-term, as a basis for the existence of mankind and animals. Digistor HK takes the corporate responsibility for active environmental protection seriously and has environmentally friendly housings produced for ECO USB Sticks and ECO USB Cards. These are obtained from western European maple forests, which are managed ecologically responsibly according to FSC certification, whilst the flash memory cards are manufactured from biological, compostable plant material.

With the green IT products ECO Maple Stick, ECO Bamboo Stick and ECO USB Card, Digistor HK is thinking about tomorrow today, and in doing so giving the future generations a chance. With its resource-conserving undertaking, the company is standing by its obligation to protect and maintain the natural environment.